It’s an undeniable phenomenon, in modern American society, that technology has advanced beyond what anyone could have conceived a mere one hundred years ago. We live in a remarkable time where the entire knowledge of mankind is at the touch of our fingertips.  No longer must each home feature the most up to date Encyclopedia Britannica collection in order to demonstrate the household’s sophistication and capability to learn. Instead, homes now have one or more computers that allow them to access the “information super-highway.” Anything a person could want to learn, no matter how big or small, is delivered to their screens in a matter of seconds.
Want to learn a foreign language? Want to see how many marbles it would fit inside a basketball? Want to see who won the 1943 World Series? Want to see a video tutorial on how to change a garbage disposal? The knowledge that can be discovered is vast and incalculable.

In addition, we carry around devices in our pockets that can tell us, with pinpoint accuracy, where we are located, anywhere on the planet, and directions to where we are hoping to go. Smart Phones are built with the ability to create crystal clear photographs, to call people on the other side of the globe, or even to hunt and capture digital Pokemon on our front lawns.  Even our lingo has changed, with hashtags, Tweets, and emojis taking the place of what used to be hand-written and personalized letters, phone calls, or neighborly visits.  Yet despite the incredible advances in technology, and the capability to communicate with anyone, anywhere on the planet, there are still those who feel completely isolated and alone. There are still those who feel forgotten and left behind.

A mere 30-40 years ago, residents would not only know the names of every member of each of the households on their block, but they would likely recognize and say ‘hello’ to a few people as they run their errands on any given day. If a particular neighbor was not seen for a few days, one might stop over to see if everything was all right.
Today, those old-fashioned person-to-person social skills are being replaced with social media arguments and texts.
So what happens to those who are in need of a helping hand, from time to time, but who do not have anyone to rely on? What happens to those who fret, on a monthly basis, over how they are going to get to the pharmacy to pick up their much-needed medication or other necessities? What about those who are suffering from a disability that leaves them unable to even leave their home?

Thankfully, there are pharmacy delivery services that specialize in medication delivery. STAT, based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area, has been helping thousands of customers who depend on others to ensure that their monthly pharmacy delivery arrives safely and intact. The DFW medication delivery company uses only the state of the art technology to ensure that every delivery arrives on time. When it comes to medication and other medical necessities, time is a relevant factor because you never know when actual lives are on the line.

By The Numbers:
In 1964, there were 72.9 million baby boomers in the US. The baby boomer term is, of course, a reference to the post-Great Depression/post-WWII generation that is generally agreed to have started in 1946. At the end of the year 1946, there were approximately 2.6 million baby boomers. By 1999 that population jumped to over 78 million, including those who immigrated to the U.S. With millions of members of the Greatest Generation well into their golden years, medical courier services are no longer being considered a luxury, but are instead becoming a necessity.

It is projected that not only will baby boomers themselves become an important demographic shaping the medical industry, but the “sandwich generation” as well. The sandwich generation is a term coined to describe those individuals juggling both the medical needs of aging parents while also caring for the medical needs and responsibilities of children of their own.  Aside from stretching their personal resources thin, those in the sandwich generation are having to ration the time in the day as well. Medical couriers have alleviated the burden of having to run additional errands to pick up medications from the pharmacy.

There is also, among the populations that are reaching their golden years, an increasing number of individuals and couples who are childless. This is a percentage which has been steadily increasing from its original 16%, decades ago, to a forecasted estimate of almost one quarter of the elderly population by 2030.  Yet age is not the only factor that is driving the need for medical delivery services. Another important demographic of those who are taking advantage of medical couriers are those who are incapacitated due to a disability who are also faced with the challenge of not having anybody to depend on.  These are folks who either no longer have family members to aid them or have friends and relatives who are unwilling to take on that type of responsibility. The number of Americans who are suffering from disabilities that are powerful enough to knock them out of the workforce and leave them unable to pick up their own medicines and necessities is ever growing.  This is why it is important to have medical courier that you can trust.

Medical Delivery Fort Worth/ Medical Delivery Dallas
STAT is a medical courier that provides private delivery services for individual patients as well as those businesses that require 24/7 service. Everything from a particular wing in a network of hospitals to a customer’s front door, STAT provides overnight and same-day delivery service options to all of Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and the southwest regions.  No matter what the cause is that puts a person in a situation in which they cannot make the regular trip to the pharmacy, STAT is there to help.

Although real time tracking has become a standard feature that appears in many courier services, its importance cannot be under-stated. After placing your order with any courier, you are going to want to know what is happening with your package. Where is your package in the delivery process? Is there construction, traffic, or weather that have caused a delay? What time can you expect your package to arrive?  At STAT, the guesswork is taken out as you can follow your package, in real time, through every step of its journey.  To facilitate the real-time tracking, STAT utilizes the latest GPS technology which also ensures that every courier knows exactly where their next stop is going to be.

However, medical couriers are not just for those who are unable to leave their homes. Think of the last time you made a trip to the pharmacy and try to remember if the experience was pleasant or not. Do you remember waiting in a long line, only to get to the front and be told that your prescription wouldn’t be ready for another hour? Do you remember sitting on that uncomfortable metal bench that seems to adorn every pharmacy’s waiting area? Do you remember nervously looking at the others waiting for their prescriptions, wondering if they are there to get medicine for a condition that is airborne and contagious? Those concerns and experiences are a thing of the past now that STAT brings the pharmacy to you.  With extremely prompt delivery, outstanding customer service and affordable rates, STAT is proud to be the example of a big city business with small town values.  STAT also offers the options of same day fulfillment and overnight delivery.

Responsive Customer Service
Few things can be as frustrating to a customer than trying to resolve a question, comment, complaint, or concern by navigating through a maze of automated options. Whatever happened to the good old days of calling up a company and actually speaking to a living, breathing human being?  At STAT, everything is centered around the customer’s satisfaction, and that includes communications about the delivery process. At any point in time, during each delivery, a customer can call STAT and feel confident knowing that they will not be speaking to an automated answering machine. If the package has not made it to the destination or if it has not been picked up in a timely manner, then you need to speak to a real person, not a recording.  Responsive customer service can take a huge headache away by answering your questions or being able to look into your concerns and providing you with answers.

Patient Confidentiality
STAT understands the importance of patient confidentiality and operates in compliance with all HIPAA regulations.

The STAT Challenge
Switching to a new medical courier service provider can be a big step when it comes to any major hospital, to any big or small doctor’s office, to all different varieties of laboratories, to pharmacies, and to patients. That’s why STAT encourages that you take the STAT challenge. Place an order to have a non-urgent item transported, and decide for yourself about how well STAT lives up to its promises.

Other Services Offered:
STAT is not just limited to making pharmacy runs and delivering the much-needed medication for patients. In addition to their personalized and outstanding customer service for individual patients, STAT is a leader in providing time sensitive deliveries to and from hospitals.  Need somebody to get that newly harvested organ to another facility to perform a transplant? STAT is the service that ensures the sensitive tissues arrive at their destination on time an intact.  STAT has a fleet of refrigerated vehicles that are ready to go at a moment’s notice.  Need somebody who is familiar with hospital layouts, procedures, and policies?  STAT has a highly-trained team of professional couriers who understand the importance of delivering to the right place at the right time. Their knowledge and experience takes the guess-work out of the process as they are familiar with the layouts of major hospitals. There is no need to stop and ask for directions or to become hopelessly lost because STATs know exactly where to go and who to talk to.
STAT can also deliver specimens and medical supplies to medical laboratories and health care clinics.

STAT’s electronic signature system allows any shipper to see who exactly signed for any particular shipment as well as the time and date that the recipient received their package. Email notifications are also available for all deliveries. The customer is able to remain completely informed of their shipments’ progress during any leg of a journey.
Having a working relationship between a medical courier with the doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, labs, and patients is a necessity in today’s fast-paced world. When choosing a medical courier service, it’s important to judge a company based on three criteria.
Speed: A medical courier needs to be swift and make their deliveries on-time. After all, in certain cases, lives are depending on it. STAT understands this and will be there when you need them.
Reliability: A medical courier does not have the option of saying a shipment is “lost in the mail.” You need a company that delivers item in the exact condition that they left the shipper. STAT has a solid history of delivering sensitive and delicate packages to the satisfied recipients.
Customer Service: Not all companies are equal, and STAT goes above and beyond to ensure that every customer, whether it’s a major hospital network or an individual patient, receives friendly and helpful customer service.
STAT ensures both the medical profession as well as their clients are dealing with the best Dallas courier service available who will have an in-depth understanding of the appropriate practices when handling essential materials and treat you and your business with respect it deserves.

Get started with a delivery service that cares about you. Learn more about STAT today by logging onto our website at

STAT Courier Service in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX

With over 20 years of logistics management and dispatch experience from the courier/ logistics industry with unprecedented standards, STAT Courier Service has redefined and evolved the formerly accepted standards. We have raised the bar and now it is simply the daily philosophy embraced and endorsed by each member of the STAT team.