In North Texas, your business has to make conscious choices and a picking a medical courier is a very important selection. When you are dealing with needs that could be of vital importance, you want to make sure who you choose will be professional, on time, and dependable. A medical courier service that takes the time and effort to make sure all your needs are met is incredibly valuable.

Important Features to Consider

Professionalism is an important part of a medical courier service. We know that it is important to make sure that information is kept confidential, the items are transported the correct way, and that everything is delivered on time. Important details are involved when transporting medical specimens and you need a company that takes it seriously.


Whether you need your medical courier service during a normal business day or late at night, 24-hour availability feature is an important feature. Sometimes there may be a time sensitive item that needs to be transported right away and cannot wait until the morning. Make sure the medical courier is available when you need them, and not only when they feel like being there. You are the customer, and we always strive to make sure your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded.

Quality of Customer Service

We ensure that all of our employees treat our clients with courtesy and professionalism, which is a big plus for you, the client. You need to be able to trust that everything will be done the way you want it done, and you need to know that you are our priority. Customer service is important for any business, but when you are dealing with important medical information and packages, a medical courier service needs to make sure to take very good care of you.
Choose wisely and make sure your medical courier meets all of your needs. Stat Courier is here to help with all of your medical transport and other courier services today.

STAT Courier Service in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX

With over 20 years of logistics management and dispatch experience from the courier/ logistics industry with unprecedented standards, STAT Courier Service has redefined and evolved the formerly accepted standards. We have raised the bar and now it is simply the daily philosophy embraced and endorsed by each member of the STAT team.