Jimmy Parker

President and CEO

Jimmy started STAT in early 2012, after spending more than 10 years at FedEx. After a brief stint in corporate America, he began doing research on couriers. Jimmy founded STAT with the dream of a medical courier that could offer service levels ranging from one hour to next-day while reducing the delivery cost to the customer. STAT has now grown to the largest medical courier in the United States.

Josh Martinez

Chief Operating Officer

Josh spent more than 15 years at FedEx before being brought into the role of VP of Operations at STAT. In less than 90 days, he dramatically reduced overhead and set forth new standards for all STAT drivers and dispatch. Since then, he has become the Chief Operating Officer and continues his quest for excellence around the STAT brand and culture.

Terry Atchley

Training and Compliance Officer

After more than 20 years at FedEx Terry “BoWayn” started as the GM of our Tyler office. He has grown with STAT and is now leading the charge as STAT's Training and Compliance Officer.

Valerie Bermudez

Customer Service Manager

Valerie started with STAT in the dispatch center and was quickly moved up to the department head. She has consistently proven her dedication and contributions to the team. Her ability to quickly resolve a wide range of delivery issues and with a great attitude is exactly why STAT continues to improve in service.

Thomas Yates

Senior Account Manager

Thomas joined the STAT team in 2013. He was previously Director of Operations at another courier for more than 10 years. With his extensive knowledge and business planning skills, Thomas was quickly promoted through the ranks and is now Chief Operating Officer for STAT.

Jamey Samuelson

Executive Account Manager

Jamey started with STAT in early 2018 and became the leader in customer interaction and service. After spending time in Sales, Dispatch and Account Management, she leads by example in her quest to make STAT #1 in customer service in the industry.

Tobi Torres

Austin General Manager of Courier Service and Peoples Pharmacies


Tobi started with STAT in 2014. He spent more than 20 years in the courier industry and now oversees STAT's Austin People's operations. Tobi has been one of the most instrumental parts of STAT's growth in these regions and continues to exceed all expectations.

Ledarrius Roberson

Dallas General Manager

Ledarrius “Led” started with STAT in early 2017 as a driver. After almost a year of waiting for a position to open in our dispatch center, Led charged through with relationship building, superior delivery knowledge, and was willing to go the extra mile in every situation that presented itself. Now, as the Dallas GM, he continues to lead his staff by example.

Phillip Petschow

Houston General Manager


Phillip brought many years of delivery experience when he joined STAT in 2014 and was STAT’s top driver for two years before being promoted to the STAT dispatch team. Phillip once again rose to the occasion and streamlined STAT's overnight sort process. Ultimately, Phillip assumed the role of Houston General Manager, where he has grown to be a true leader and a crucial part of the STAT management team.

Brian Putty

Austin General Manager


Brian joined the STAT Team in 2015 and was a driver as he was finishing his degree. After he graduated, he was given the opportunity to move up to STAT dispatch. He more than exceeded expectations and was given yet another promotion to General Manager in Austin and San Antonio. He continues to exceed expectations as Regional Manager and is exactly why STAT is growing so quickly in the greater Austin and San Antonio areas.

Tyler Covington

San Antonio General Manager

Tyler started for STAT as a driver in Austin. After over a year of dedicated service, he accepted the opportunity to lead San Antonio office and has greatly excelled, having grown the location by almost 200% to date.

Albert Gordon

Phoenix General Manager

Albert comes to STAT after extensive work in the courier business. He started with STAT in 2014 and did an outstanding job at driving, operations, and then dispatch. He has since taken over the Phoenix and Tucson operations. We are proud to call him a part of our team and family.

Tera Davis

Oklahoma City GM

Tera joined the STAT team in 2013. She spent over 10 years with FedEx handling dispatch, management, delivery coordinating, and driver relations. She started with STAT as a dispatcher, was quickly promoted to night supervisor and then again to General Manager of our Oklahoma City office. Her outstanding customer relations skills and overall knowledge makes her an invaluable asset to the STAT management team.

Jeffrey LaPonsie

St. Louis General Manager

Jeff came to work for STAT in July of 2018 after many years at FedEx. He also spent seven years in the Marine Corps. He is a shining example of excellence and everything that embodies the STAT brand and service.