Jimmy Parker

President and CEO

Josh Martinez

Chief Operating Officer

Daegan Blackwood

VP of Sales and Marketing


Valerie Bermudez

Customer Service Manager

Thomas Yates

Senior Account Manager

Jamey Samuelson

Director of Communications

Gerald Bunger

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Putty

Routing Manager


Tera Davis

Regional Director

Tobi Torres

Austin General Manager of Courier Service and Peoples Pharmacies


Carlos Williams

Houston General Manager

Tyler Covington

San Antonio General Manager

Ledarrius Roberson

Dallas General Manager

Adam Waldo

Austin General Manager

Neal Lewis

Waco General Manager

Shannon Prater

St. Louis General Manager

Eddy Price

P&D Manager


Dan Borutta

Driver Trainer

Nick Burns

P&D Manager PM

Maila Bandalan

Customer Service Rep

Alyssa Chambers

Customer Service Rep

Emily Hernandez

Customer Service Rep

Robert Bilbay

Oklahoma City General Manager

Collin Burns

Phoenix General Manager