The old saying in business that time is money is extremely true. Being as efficient as possible and streamlining processes that help your business move forward is one of the only ways to stay ahead of the game in today’s society. One of the things to look into to increase productivity is finding a quality Dallas courier service to take those tasks so you do not have to worry about them.

Timely Courier Service

Making sure your package is delivered by the courier service on time is vital, but it’s not the only consideration you need to think about when choosing the company you will deal with. Once you contact them and have a package to go out, they should be at your office quickly to pick up the package so that it can be on its way. If the package is sitting at your office all day waiting for a pickup, then that delays its arrival at the intended destination.

Real Time Tracking

This has become a normal feature for most courier services, but real time tracking is a necessary feature of your courier service. Dallas is a busy town with traffic, accidents, and construction, so having the ability to locate your package and its location is important. Your package is important to you and your client so make sure the courier service takes it seriously too. Knowing when it is delivered and who signed for it can be a huge difference if someone says it has not been delivered yet. It will also be hugely beneficial to have updated locations of the package to let the recipient know its estimated time of arrival.

Responsive Customer Service

Whenever something does happen with your Dallas courier service, it is good to know that you can contact someone at the company whenever you need them. If the package has not made it to the destination or if it has not been picked up in a timely manner, then you need to speak to a real person, not a recording. Responsive customer service can take a huge headache away by answering your questions or being able to look into your concerns and providing you with answers.


Determining the reliability of the courier service is an important factor as well. Using them for a few test runs of packages that are not of vital importance could help you determine if they will be able to handle your needs well. Choosing your next Dallas courier service correctly will allow you more time to manage other areas of your business and continue to grow.

STAT Courier Service in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX

With over 20 years of logistics management and dispatch experience from the courier/ logistics industry with unprecedented standards, STAT Courier Service has redefined and evolved the formerly accepted standards. We have raised the bar and now it is simply the daily philosophy embraced and endorsed by each member of the STAT team.