Customer Service

When your medical business requires a courier service, you need to enlist the best to ensure you get the customer care that you deserve. At STAT Courier Service, we take customer service seriously because we know that we’re delivering sensitive materials, equipment, and documentation that you need to make your day productive. Our services are tailored to our customer’s needs and we are dedicated to each deliver.


Protecting the privacy of you and your clients is a top priority, and we make sure that all orders are secure and private. We want to make sure that you have confidence in our courier services in San Antonio, and we never gloss over important parts of our business. You can count on us to be professional every step of the way.


It’s important that our customers get an experience that is consistent. Being able to count on us to be on-time and easy to work with for every delivery is part of earning our customers trust and building relationships. No matter how big or small your delivery is, our team will respond with promptness and get it taken care of.


When you choose our courier services in San Antonio, you’ll appreciate that we make it convenient. You can track packages and know exactly when to expect us. Our tracking system can help save minutes in your day and ease any stresses that you have about the delivery. We understand that when delivering time-sensitive materials, it is crucial that we don’t waste a second because it could impact you and your patient or client if it’s late. We are fast to react and make it convenient for you to reach us and track deliveries.


We use the most advanced technology, so we can work faster and more efficiently. This is not just convenient for us, but it makes our customers experience even better. Knowing that you can order straight from your computer and track the delivery in real time, give us your signature, and much more, gives us an edge on other courier services.

On-Time Delivery

It doesn’t matter if you need routine deliveries daily, weekly, or monthly or you have a spontaneous delivery that demands immediate attention. We are make sure each one is handled with care and delivered on-time. Our courier service in San Antonio can help your business run more efficiently. Reach out today!