Courier and Delivery Services in Oklahoma City

Address: 500 N Meridian Ave St #202
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
Hours: 8AM – 6PM
Phone: (405) 839-7075

If you are looking for fast and reliable courier services in Oklahoma City, then Stat Overnight Delivery can help. Our years of experience in the courier and delivery business helping medical facilities of all sizes guarantees you will receive excellent service and on-time deliveries. We want to handle your courier services and deliveries so you can focus on the more important parts of your job. Here are some ways our courier services in Oklahoma City can help.

Reliable, Fast Delivery

Our priority is our customers, and we ensure you will receive fast and accurate courier services no matter what time of day or night. We understand every customer’s needs are different and some hospitals may require deliveries at odd hours of the night. At Stat Overnight Delivery in Oklahoma City, we vary our services to meet the needs of everyone such as 24-hour delivery service 7 days a week or even 1-hour deliveries for those who need time-sensitive materials delivered quickly. Preschedule a delivery or call it in at a moment’s notice. Either way, our courier services in Oklahoma City will get it done right and fast.

Security and Privacy are Top Priorities

Because many documents are confidential, an Oklahoma City Stat Overnight Delivery makes it a priority to keep those documents private and secure. We protect any sensitive information and keep clients name and information confidential. Our professionalism is what makes us stand out above any other, so rest assured your documents are well protected.

Tracking a Delivery Is Simple and Easy

When you schedule a delivery of an important document, it is important that you can track your package along the way. Our courier services in Oklahoma City make tracking your package simple and easy. We offer real-time tracking technology and can view the estimated arrival time of your package down to the minute. Knowing your package has safely arrived will give you peace of mind and our technology provides that for you.

Learn More About How Stat Overnight Delivery Can Help You

Our professionals are standing by to answer your questions about how our Oklahoma City courier services can help you and your business. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and doing everything we can to ensure you are satisfied with your deliveries, whether you are a pharmacy, dental clinic, hospital, or any other medical facility. Call today for more information about how our services can be a solution for your courier needs.