It All Started with a Vision.

When Jimmy Parker founded STAT Overnight Delivery in 2012, he had a vision of a complete delivery service. A service that had everything from a 2-day, to a 2-hour option, with flat rate pricing. No matter the demand of the client, a service that could do it all. Without having to use a courier for a 2-hour, or FedEx for a next-day overnight. With Employees that cared about their customers, and streamlining everything to real time GPS, and automated signature tracking. Needless to say, he had a lot of work ahead of him to accomplish all that.

Prior to starting STAT, Parker previously worked for FedEx, where he had a vision for a similar service but much faster means of delivering sensitive and urgent items around Dallas and Ft. Worth. After FedEx, Parker spent some time in the technology field when the idea of “real time” GPS hit him. He knew it would work, but had to find a way to implement that into a medical driven service. The idea of a courier service with state of the art technology began to consume him. So, Parker went to work to see if in fact anyone else could even come close to that kind of service. After 6 months of “research” (working for smaller outfits), Mr. Parker knew no one could even come close to his vision of customer service, HIPAA certified drivers, speed of service and technology.

Parker started his service. With that kind of technology on his side, and willingness to always exceed customers’ expectations, STAT grew abundantly overnight. Today STAT Overnight Delivery has more than 200 employees and continues to be one of the fastest growing medical couriers in the USA. Far outreaching his original idea of a Dallas and Ft. Worth operation, STAT has exploded into other markets across North America with very aggressive plans for future growth. With this kind of strategy, Parker stays extremely busy. “Some days I am wearing a suit and tie, and others I am in a delivery uniform,” although his days in the uniform are now very few. Parker states “I still love to get out there and deliver. It keeps me connected to my clients and my drivers. I also like to know what my drivers face on a daily basis, as it helps me make better decisions with them in mind.”

When asked if he could credit any one thing that has led to his company’s success and the magnitude of growth in such a competitive market, Parker said “All glory to God. I am so thankful he blesses me and my mind, especially when I have to make really tough decisions that affect people’s lives.” Parker continues to promote growth not only for his company, but also for the people that work for him and the clients that work with STAT.

What we do

STAT Overnight Delivery is a Dallas- and an Oklahoma-based private delivery company providing confidential, quality and on-time delivery services.

STAT Overnight Delivery, a Dallas Courier Service, is proud about prompt delivery, outstanding customer service, and affordable flat rates. We are a private courier service with direct delivery. We are a good example of a big city business with small town values.

We specialize in delivering time-sensitive materials to the medical industry but can help any business in need of on-time delivery. We offer state of the art technology, signature capture, real time tracking, and as fast as 1 hour delivery.

STAT Overnight Delivery in Dallas, TX cares for all major labs to entire hospital systems. Our veteran management and driver teams are experts in picking up and delivering time-sensitive specimens and medical equipment that are crucial to the diagnosis of a loved one.

Execution at STAT Overnight Delivery is defined as adhering to the customer's critical and time-sensitive delivery needs. We understand the voice of the customer and work extremely hard to meet and exceed their expectations.

24 Hour SErvice

Here at STAT Overnight, the leader in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX, is dedicated to you and your needs with a private courier.

With extremely prompt delivery, outstanding customer service and affordable rates, we are the perfect example of a big city business with small town values.

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