Our Services

Stat Overnight (STAT) provides overnight and courier delivery services.  Originally specializing in courier deliveries in the DFW area, STAT now focuses on overnight deliveries to pursue larger volume customers in several markets including DFW, Houston, Austin, College Station, San Antonio, Phoenix, Tyler, and El Paso.  Our current customers have requested that we open markets in Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Memphis, Las Vegas, and Miami.

What makes STAT unique?

In the 4th quarter of 2016, STAT began focusing on the pharmacy industry, delivering scripts from pharmacies to the customer.  Our pharmacy customers have 10 to 200 deliveries per day from a single pharmacy. The advantages include more focused pickup points to keep pickup costs low while securing high volume customers with a steady volume of deliveries.

We offer considerable discounts versus our larger competitors…FEDEX and UPS.  At the same time, we provide better, more personal customer service to the pharmacies and their customers.

Most pharmacy software that manages customer information and scripts provide a dropdown menu to scan the barcode on the customer script.  The customer and delivery data is automatically uploaded to FEDEX or UPS.

In late 2016, STAT had integration software developed to accomplish this same functionality.  This software allows OnTime 360 (our delivery management software) to communicate with the Liberty pharmacy software platform.  Liberty is one of the top pharmacy software platforms.

Recently, Liberty has added STAT to their dropdown menu.  Another pharmacy platform, SRS, has agreed to add STAT to their dropdown menu at the request of a newly landed high-volume account.  We will continue to keep integrating with other pharmacy software platforms to better serve our clients.



We have shuttles that go to and from Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and DFW. As of April 6, 2018, we will add a shuttle to and from Oklahoma City.  Allowing anyone in these cities to guarantee Next Day service with STAT Overnight Delivery.


Our Markets

Our pharmacy customers have been very loyal to us. Reaping the benefits of lower costs and better customer service spurred on requests to open in other markets.  Our markets include:

Dallas/Ft. Worth



El Paso 

San Antonio 

College Station 



Oklahoma City 

St. Louis 




Our customers have also requested that STAT open markets in Memphis, Las Vegas, and Miami to service existing pharmacies in those areas.


Forward Analysis

The decision to focus on pharmacies has paid off.  Baby Boomers are in their retirement years and requiring more medication as they age.  Also, we have positioned STAT from having to compete with small couriers and overnight companies by integrating with pharmacy software.  Our price structure is a big advantage versus FEDEX and UPS. Furthermore, word of mouth about our prices and service is starting to provide a steady supply of prospects.