Our Services

STAT Overnight provides overnight and courier delivery services. We make thousands of deliveries every month on behalf of customers all over the U.S.

What Makes STAT Unique?

STAT was formed for the express purpose of facilitating medical/pharma delivery because we recognized the need for a delivery company that focused in this area. Larger delivery companies are not specifically designed or equipped to handle some of the specific needs that are often associated with pharmaceutical deliveries.

In the 4th quarter of 2012, STAT began focusing on the pharmacy industry, delivering scripts directly from pharmacies to their customers.

We currently handle delivery volumes ranging anywhere from five to 1000 deliveries per day, per pharmacy. Our delivery model is the most cost-effective, proven way to get your package from A to B.

We offer considerable discounts over our largest competitors while providing better, more personal customer service to you and your customers.

Software Integration and Development

STAT has an aggressive approach to software innovation and is always looking to leverage technology to make our customers’ jobs easier. STAT is integrated with a number of popular pharmacy software platforms and its development team is constantly adding to that list. For customers whose software has not yet been integrated with STAT, we also provide a web portal for placing orders. We currently support the following pharmacy platforms with custom integrated software: 

 Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association      PrimeRx™ Named 2019 Pharmacy Software Company of the Year

Rx30 and Computer-Rx Announce Strategic CombinationSRS Pharmacy SystemsFree Download Nimble Pharmacy Logo Vector from Tukuz.Com


RXinsider | Visit the CarePoint "Pharmacy Software | Pharmacy Management Systems" Booth in the Virtual Pharmacy Trade Show

Our Markets

STAT is expanding its customer base rapidly, adding customers on a weekly basis. We have a 99.9% customer retention rate because our customers appreciate the benefits of lower costs and a more personalized customer service experience.  Our current markets include the following states.










Future Expansions

In addition to these regions, we continue to plan expansions based on customer needs. Here is a list of our upcoming openings:

Wichita, Kansas- August 2nd, 2021

Ocala, Florida-August 9th, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

Knoxville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee

Birmingham, Alabama

Huntsville, Alabama

Here’s the Bottom Line

The decision to focus on pharmacies has really paid off for STAT and our customers.  At the end of the day, our unique approach to logistics and customer service speaks for itself. The word is getting out about STAT!